Thursday, June 20, 2013

Small Town Sports Beat LAQ


This LAQ will cover what I expect to be the questions most often asked about my book Small Town Sports Beat. Please review this list before you start asking questions about the book. A few of the answers are subject to change, so the LAQ will be updated as needed to reflect that.

Why wasn’t this person or that event included in the book?

As explained in the introduction, I simply could not include every person I have met or every event that I have experienced. I hope no offense is taken for anyone or anything that wasn’t included.

Why did you end the book with the year 2011?

There is a reason that’s revealed in the book, which I consider to be a spoiler, so read the book if you want to know. There were some significant events that happened in 2012, which I would have liked to include, but 2011 was the logical ending point, given the main theme of the book.

Where is the book available for purchase?

Through, both in paperback form and for Kindle. I published the book through CreateSpace and anyone who has an account with that site can purchase the book there.

To buy through Amazon, go here.

To order for Kindle, go here.

To buy through CreateSpace, go here.

Will copies of the book be made available for purchase elsewhere?

That depends on demand for the book. I will be exploring an option for selling the book through a means other than Amazon, but that will come down the road.

If I am able to sell copies through another avenue, I may be able to take mail orders on a limited basis. Again, that’s an option I’ll be exploring.

Will copies be made available to libraries?

I have donated copies to the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library and to the Raton High School library. I hope to make copies available to other libraries in the future.

Will you sign copies of the book?

If you meet me in person, I will. If a mail-order option that isn’t through Amazon becomes available, I may be able to sign copies to be sent via mail order. Obviously, I can’t arrange for a signed copy to be ordered through Amazon or CreateSpace.

Will copies be made available for those wish to review the book?

Please contact me privately to discuss these particulars.

Are you willing to make appearances to discuss the book?

If there is interest, yes. You may e-mail me and I can make arrangements with you. Keep in mind I have to work around my job schedule.

Why is this an LAQ, not an FAQ?

Because it’s the questions I expect to be answered about the book. You can’t have frequently asked questions if they haven’t been asked yet, right?

OK, sorry I asked. What questions may I ask that aren’t covered here?

You may e-mail questions you have about the book to ratonsports at or you may post them in the comments section of the blog. I will try to answer as many questions as I can on the blog. I will answer questions about the process of writing the book, events mentioned, my travels around the state or general questions about The Raton Range and/or newspapers and journalism in general. But please keep the following in mind:

* If the question has already been addressed in this LAQ, don’t ask it again because it will be ignored.
* For anything pertaining to specific story ideas, corrections regarding stories that appeared in The Range, or coverage of events, please contact me directly at The Range office, by phone (575-445-2721) or my work e-mail (bobmorris at Please do not use the blog or the gmail account for those purposes
* Questions about Little League need to be directed to the same phone number and e-mail address, not on the blog or via gmail.
* When you ask your question, you need to conduct yourself as if you were saying it directly to my face. And remember, if somebody directed such a question to me by yelling in my face, I’d tell you to not talk to me that way. So please be civil, polite and to the point if you want your question answered.
* As I make blog posts and answer questions, you may wish to check those first before asking your question, as it may have been answered.

How can I help spread the word about your book?

If you liked the book, feel free to tell your friends about it. Tell them about this blog and about my Facebook page. You are free to link to this blog if you wish.